The Most Sought After Ladies Oxfords

Searching for the best and the right footwear for your need? Look no further as ladies oxford shoes have styles that will suit you. Oxfords have their long history in Europe in the 1800’s before they reached America. Oxfords’ simplicity and versatility earned the fascination and attention of women worldwide.

Here are the types of ladies oxfords:
Traditional oxfords – This is the female version of men’s oxfords wingtip style. This style is a classic and timeless having been known for its corporate appeal. They are colored black, brown or neutral leather with laces like the male version. There is two-toned style for the wing tip design.
Colored oxfords – These are playful, colorful, and trendy oxfords. Non-leather materials are colored for a fun wearing experience. They can be oxford flats, oxford heels or platforms oxfords. You name it, you got it. 
Oxford heels– They can be made of leather or other materials. These oxford heels are very feminine and trendsetting. They can be with or without laces or ribbons. The heels can be from 1 inch and up. They are the perfect shoes for casual or business attires.
Oxford platforms – They are a mix of traditional oxfords and high heel oxfords. The chunky and thick soles make a statement. They can easily go well with slacks or jeans. There are different colors and styles.
Canvas oxfords – Keds brand is the most famous label for canvas oxfords. They look great with shorts or pants. They are made of comfy rubber and cotton laces, durable and easy to wash and clean.
Oxford ankle boots – They are best worn for winter and chilly weather. They are normally black leather oxfords or brown leather oxfords but prices vary depending on the quality of materials used. They can blend with almost any outfit.

With, you will never get the hang of oxford shoes. From black lace oxfords to women leather oxford shoes, whatever style you need, we have it.